SIM Dispensing Kiosks

This is an enhancement on our payment kiosk (EPM- Electronic Payment Machines) that will do all functions of the EPM as well as sell and dispense the SIM cards.


  1. Online payment machine.
  2. Toughened touch screen.
  3. Multiple languages.
  4. Magnetic and chip card reader.
  5. Various search features.
  6. Credit card reader and pin pad.
  7. Cash acceptor with 1000 note cash box or 2000.
  8. Receipt printer,journal printer,UPS,Security sensor
  9. Full station monitoring software.
  10. SSK Machine specific components.
  11. ICAO Passport Reader-Compliant with security detection & RFID enabled to identify resident user or visitors user.
  12. National ID card printer with integrated finger print reader to identify the resident users.
  13. SIM Card activation dispensing for up to 4 products


  1. 24/7 Machine
  2. Easy to use
  3. Can be used by all people.
  4. ADA Compliant
  5. Secure & Safe
  6. Multi-lingual
  7. SIM Card selling and dispense upto 4 different products.
  8. SIM Card can be discrete card or packaged.