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EKiosk is one of the leading kiosk companies providing the Self Service Kiosks, HR Kiosks,Payment Kiosks,SIM Dispensing Kiosks etc. We offer kiosks designed to enhance your customer service and increase customer convenience.We have been developing the perfect full-package solution for any business.We create kiosk software and hardware for companies in search for a kiosk solution.

Some of those premium solutions that we provide are :

  1. Self Service Kiosks
  2. HR Kiosks
  3. Payment Kiosks
  4. SIM Dispensing Kiosks


We strive for high quality in all that we do and so we enjoy the pedigree of a proven track record for delivering highest quality products & services .

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to develop long-term partnerships to better understand and respond to our customers’ business .


Delivery of professional work involves challenges which are mitigated through continuous customer feedback and value addition.

What we do

As a market leader in self-service solutions, we have proven experience in design, engineering kiosks, their development, integration, manufacturing and complete professional services and support from passionate experts.

We provide premium solutions in :

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